National Challenge

Welcome to the National Challenge!

Running from May 13 - May 27 2024, this is the final event!

Your outstanding performance in the regional challenge has highlighted the immense talent and dedication present among students throughout Canada. We are immensely inspired by the innovative ideas and the engaging games you have all developed.

This is it, the Nationals! Now's your chance to showcase your coding skills and creative brilliance at the pinnacle of the SFU Canadian Coding League.

We were so inspired by the games you've made this year, that we decided we wanted to see more. That is why, the Theme for the National Challenge is:


If you've made it this far, you've already created games and developed content throughout the year for regional and major challenges. Now, you have the opportunity to create a sequel to one of your games. It shouldn't be the same game, but a sequel that builds upon the first. Consider what elements would make a sequel compelling: How can you differentiate it from its predecessor? What improvements could you make? It should be a true sequel, not just a DLC or add-on to your previous games; that is, a true sequel should feel different than what came before, standing on its own as a complete game.

Of course, you don't have to create an actual sequel to your game. It's perfectly fine to design a new game that embodies the theme of a "sequel."

You have two weeks, but early submissions are welcomed. There's no need to use the full 2 weeks, if your vision comes to life sooner!

The best games will be featured LIVE on by FakeUni on June 5 2024, 4pm PST!

Senior League

1st place
Trophy & $1000 sponsored by SFU Beedie

2nd place
Trophy & $700 sponsored by PixelPAD

3rd place
Trophy & $500 sponsored by KPU ENTA

2x Special Awards
$250 each

All teams qualified to this event will also receive FINALIST HOODIE
Certificates of Qualification to Nationals for each team member.
A $150 Dominoes Pizza gift card for the classroom to throw a pizza party to celebrate.

Junior League

All teams qualified to this event will receive FINALIST HOODIE
Certificates of Qualification to Nationals for each team member.
A $150 Dominoes Pizza gift card for the classroom to throw a pizza party to celebrate.

Kindly note that due to the suppliers needing a few weeks to produce the hoodies, this package is likely to arrive to each school shortly after the National submissions close.
Who will judge the games?
Games will be judged by the coding league, and industry, and FakeUni will play the all games!
We judge games according to code, originality, and cohesiveness. Check out this guide for more information.
The game should be developed during this challenge. But you may use code from your previous projects, and can use whatever art and audio assets you have the legal right to use. Judges will take into account if the assets you've created are original or downloaded from the internet.
You can submit your game at any point after the challenge begins. If you submit early, you can update the game until the end of the challenge.
Create your project using Once you're satisfied with your work, use the input box below to submit your project. You may change your submission until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Monday, May 27. After Monday, May 27, no changes will be allowed.
Please add in the description of your project:
1. (Optional) Your first name(s) and age(s), and the city you're from. If left blank, FakeUni will go with your team name and your school affiliation.
2. How to Play: a short description of your submission and how it works.
3. Theme: How your submission relates to the Challenge theme.
4. Challenges: What hurdles did you encounter when creating your submission?
5. Highlights: What were the best parts of creating your submission?
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