Why Join?

Coding a game with friends and getting really good at creative problem solving is a lot of fun.

A fun learning experience

Coding a game with friends and getting really good at creative problem solving is pretty fun. Much like any sports league, students will compete in area, regional and national events with their team. Students are encouraged to form multidisciplinary teams comprising coders, artists, musicians, storytellers and project managers, among other roles.

Preparation for Future Opportunities

By participating in the League, students can gain significant practical experience, better preparing them for further studies or careers in coding, animation, game development and more.

Prize Potential

The League will provide both school-level prizes alongside team prizes. Prizes will be given out at Regionals and the Nationals.

Internship Opportunities

As a direct result of their engagement, students may earn internships with leading game companies. These placements help prepare students for real-world opportunities.

Public Exposure

Games will be broadcast on popular platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, with special shout-outs to teams, students, and their affiliated institutions. This rewards students with public accolades and allows them to easily enjoy peer creations.

Certificate Accolades

Teams will be recognized with accolades from Certificates of Participation to Certificates of Distinction, Exemplary Art, and Exemplary Writing.

Commemorative Honors

Team victories in Regionals and Nationals may be commemorated with plaques, school-level prizes, and team prizes. These honors serve as a lasting testament to your school or institution's commitment to supporting coding education and your students’ achievements.

Through these numerous opportunities for recognition, schools are invited to join us in celebrating their students’ coding excellence, which help to boost their school profile and reputation among potential students, parents, and the wider community.

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